You probably have that annoying member in your church or school WhatsApp group who keep sending stale jokes you read last year or the emoji sister who seem to be laughing at everything. Is someone coming to your mind? Many people fail to ‘behave’ on these online groups and end up making other members uncomfortable and eventually making them to leave.  Here are some the unwritten rules you should keep whenever you get added to a WhatsApp group.

  1. Bring Up Only Relevant Topics.

We are planning a wedding. Stick to it and leave the rest until the purpose of the group has been accomplished. There is always something annoying with members who will always bring up something totally unrelated to the task at hand



2. Not Every Member Will Be Interested In What You Are Discussing.

Do not get upset when every member in not actively participating in the topic you just brought up. Everyone is different, some members will be so interested on a topic while others will not see its relevance. Understand.

  1. Do Not Forward Every Joke You Receive.

Just because you think it’s funny does not make it funny to everybody. Jokes should be forwarded into inboxes depending on what you think the other party likes. The habit of forwarding  jokes to chat groups reduces your credibility and an otherwise serious message is taken casually.

  1. Handle One Topic At A Time.

Wait for a discussion on a topic to end before introducing another. It is courteous to let other people speak 1st before you speak, just like a physical conversation.

If you are the mover of the discussion it is not wise to drop multiple messages on different topics at a go. It disorients members.

  5.  It Is A Group, Address Everyone.

Save your personal chats for the inbox. Once you bring it into a chat group you are talking to everyone. People do not care how you partied with you friend or how much you looking forward to the weekend. The simple rule is anything specific to one person should be kept for the inbox.

  6.  Don’t Be A ‘Ghost’.

Once you are added to a group say something. You were added for a reason and perhaps your contribution was needed. Try to be part of the group by airing your thoughts lest you complain when decisions don’t go your way.

7. Do Not Overuse Emojis.

Emojis are used when you do not have an appropriate reply to a message received.A good use of it is perceived by other people as an interesting reply.

Its overuse, however, could convey a different meaning. It can quickly send a signal suggesting your disinterest in the conversation..

Avoid using emojis in serious conversations as they could not only tone down an otherwise strong statement, but could also distract readers from fathoming the intended meaning.

 8. Time To Exit.

Everything has an end. The objective has been accomplished and it is time to leave, do not overdo it. A simple bye is enough, don’t pour emotions. It is just a chat group for heaven’s sake.

If you exiting an active group be respectful to leave a reason behind. It is so rude to just exit a group leaving other members wondering what happened.


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