Daudi Nzomo, the wife batterer from Kyaaka Village in Makueni County has been charged in Makueni law courts.

The “husband from hell” was filmed beating and kicking his wife Mwende as he accused her of infidelity.

When the charge of causing grievous harm to his wife was read before Senior Resident Magistrate James Mwaniki, a calm Nzomo said it was true.

The prosecutor sought one week to get a report on Mr Nzomo’s criminal history.

Senior magistrate James Mwaniki ordered the suspect to be remanded at Makueni Police Station until Wednesday, August 8, when he will be sentenced.

The long arm of the law caught up with Nzomo in Nguu Masumba, in Kibwezi West constituency, Makueni County as he tried to flee after a video of him committing the heinous crime went viral on Tuesday.


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