~Dennis Rasto~

Armed with Ksh.750 only four years ago, two semi skilled masons James Kaka and Ngugi Waititu began a production enterprise for low cost building materials and today their seed money is paying off.

The two entrepreneurs with hardly any skills in business bought a bag of cement and sand then began making modest ventilation blocks for sale to other masons in their neighborhood.

Their bag of cement and sand produced 200 ventilation blocks and an impressive first sale would be a head start that curved a foot hold in the lucrative construction enterprise for the two youthful entrepreneurs.

The ventilation blocks.

Today with the help of the Youth Fund, they have engaged more than 20 vulnerable youth in the enterprise and are not only making low cost building materials for markets in Nakuru, but are also building homes, office flats, and class rooms at half the unit cost of building a conventional permanent building.

The youth group registered as Compassion Youth group is a source of more than 300 gainful job opportunities to women and youth on and off their sites in Nakuru and Maralal in Samburu County.

Kaka is also mentoring vulnerable youth with various skills at the enterprise for absorption in the building and construction value chain, with a view of creating wealth and more job opportunities available in the burgeoning building and construction sector.

He envisages the dynamic youth group to develop into an entrepreneurship incubation center for youth and women to be able to create wealth from the competitive housing sector.

The ventilation blocks produced enables builders to use less cement, sand, water and minimum labor affording users an advantage of minimized building costs within a short construction cycle.

Kaka hopes to tap into the growing housing sector and anticipates a better future for his company.



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