~By Charity Kuria~

Tell me a little about yourself…

I am Galaxy aka CDM Kiratu Junior, a gospel and positive music artist, a God fearing man, I enjoy doing charity work. I am a proud dad too.

What is the history behind your stage name?

I chose the name Galaxy because it literally means a very talented and famous person.

What are the five things you can’t live without?

My phone, swag, hewa, dancing and food!

What kind of music do you identify with?

Kapuka, afro-pop, dancehall and urban African music.

Tell me about your music journey

It has been one rough terrain. You know stuff like recording, getting airplay and financial matters.

Which instruments do you play?

Keyboard and drum set are my thing.

What are the challenges you face as an upcoming artist?

Madharau by the big fish before you build a name for yourself. It’s real.

How many songs/album under your belt?

I am working on my first album of 13 songs with 11 songs so far.

What role do you play at your church?

As the hype man.

Which artist(s) would you like to do a collaboration with?

Jose Chameleone and Ali Kiba

5 years from now…?

Big. I’ll have gone international you know.

You write all your music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I do gospel and positive music. So I try as much as possible to capture struggles za watu. My song Tabasamu is dedicated to my son. He even featured in it when he was just 6 months old breaking the record in Kenya.

Tell me about your childhood.

I was born and brought up in Eastleigh, Eastlands by my parents. Nimetoka far, the first time I hit town I did dishes for a living for 1 year 2 months.

Other than music what do you do?

Farming, business, emceeing, dancing also at some point in life I worked as a DJ. I am a hustler and always open to ideas.

Which famous musicians do you admire and why?

Mercy Masika, her music is solid.

What are your fondest musical memories?

There are multiple. However, last month I performed at an open air at Kabuku, Limuru the crowd went crazy even politician Waititu made a stopover on his way to a burial.

Where can we get your music online?

From Mdundo.com and YouTube.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Ikihappen there is nothing I can do but move on. Right?

Do you ever get nervous, how do you handle it?

There is a difference in the way I perform for the older generation and the youth. Big difference.

What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Believe in yourself don’t do substance.

Explain your dressing style.

I like soldier boots, 3 -piece and I love colours. As an artist you have to look the part you know!

Who is the artist(s) you would like to be compared to?

Guardian Angel.

Which book are you currently reading?

Ebvu My Love

What is your most memorable moment in life?

The birth of my son.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

I do business from Monday to Thursday. Friday to Sunday I do usanii.

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Good things comes unto those who wait.

What food inspires you?

Ugali and Sukuma

What is your hobby?

Surfing and socialising.


  1. Thats ma boy. I man ts cool coz I phycally know the guy. We even shared the same stage as dat tym tulikuwa tunajiinua. I mis to work with him

  2. oooh Galaxy my prayer is that God fulfils your heart desires and one day you will shine up in whole universe I salute u my pal all the best


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