Over 3.2 Million Kenyans filed their 2017 income tax returns as the filing period officially closed on Saturday 30th June, 2018 KRA has confirmed.

The improvement is major with a 60 per cent growth over the past year, which saw two million Kenyans file their returns by 30th June; the number has increased by over a million this year.

This can be credited to the robust iTax platform and the increased campaigns by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), encouraging early filing of returns.

KRA has since acknowledged all taxpayers who heed the call and file their taxes on time for the year 2017.

“We value you as a taxpayer. Thank you for being among the more than 3.2 Million responsive Kenyans who filed their annual income tax returns and all others who complied in other tax obligations. KRA recognize your contribution towards making the country self-sustainable,” said Commissioner of Domestic Taxes Department, Mr Benson Korongo.



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