Have you ever had someone who made a brief appearance into your life and you thought wait this could just be the one and just when you began to get somehow attached to them…Boom!!! They do the exact thing you thought they wouldn’t do, leave or let’s just say…they begin to not be so interested in you as they were at first.

Well, when they do this you think something is wrong with you especially if they had expressed a need to be with you in more ways than just friends, and you had just began to get cosy and use those flirty emojis like the one with the tongue out…lol! Anyway that was then now the story changed. This prompts you to start going through your WhatsApp conversations word for word but you just cant trace it. Can’t trace the moment you went from numerous chats even about your dreams each night, to one or two texts a day, followed by regular blue ticks then grey ones probably because they already had their settings changed. Now they no longer bother to say hi…Yet you just can’t figure out why, no visible reason whatsoever.

The normal thing or rather the obvious thing to do would be to beat yourself up thinking it’s how you described your dream guy/dream girl that made them walk away…or you just didn’t put it right when they asked that question about what you were wearing that night or the poem you wrote for her or him just didn’t have enough imagery and the rhyme scheme was kinda off…You’ll try and find a thousand reasons about what it is you did wrong. but would you just take a second and think maybe they just didn’t deserve to be in your life as much as you thought they were. That just maybe if they were as great as they appeared to be they wouldn’t leave without at least an explanation as to why they suddenly lost interest just when you thought you were beginning to hit it off.

Maybe they were meant precisely for that. Make a brief appearance into your life and then exit, why? Because they don’t deserve to be in it. So why would you beat yourself up…stooping too low until you are labeled a nag or a psychopath. The appropriate and reasonable thing to do would be to accept and move on. Accept the fact that they weren’t there to stay, accept and believe that you don’t need them, as your life was probably perfectly fine before they briefly made that appearance.

Lastly, I don’t know if you believe that everything happens for a reason but you possibly should. Besides who knows they probably saved you a break up of the year kind of tragedy. Be grateful instead that they made an exit. Let them go.


  1. I totally relate with this article. So much obsessed with him and then boom… He went
    Trying to point out your mistakes and taking him as the perfect one. Still aches.


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