Hehee…. now I know a whole lot of you probably opened this link coz you thought I was going to give some kind of blurb (always wanted to use that word) about how its been a long time without ‘him’ my friend..ahem! You know the kawaida definition of dry spell.. But I have a feeling this will make more sense to the ladies and for the gents; well stick around you might learn a thing or two. *Wink*

This has happened to a whole bunch of lady friends I consulted, interestingly they had the same opinion. I don’t know if it applies for everybody else. Well in exception of those who’ve taken vows.

So there is what my friends and I call ‘Peak ya machali‘ and assuming you all went through school you know what peak means right? Good. What’s left of me is explain the phrase Peak ya machali. There is a time in a girl’s life (okay at least most of the ladies I spoke to about this) that comes and it seems like heaven just opened up its doors and let a whole lot of guys fall into your life…okay and hell too coz frankly some dudes… *Shaking my head* Yeah this is the point where your whatsapp literally jams or what my blog would call your traffic is booming with text from dudes you don’t even know, others you’ve not spoken to for like the longest time… wengine you friend zoned and they were cool with it until now.

You would be mistaken to think they have held a kamukunji or a kamukutano somewhere and plotted to unleash you with what this xaxa generation would call ‘mbuthi‘ AKA vybes… wait ,I hope I spelled that right. At this kamukunji they probably adopted slogans like  #tukondaaanindaaanindaani #Nasayeye... et cetera, et cetera.

Even that guy who sells mayai boilo at your neighbourhood mysteriously acquired your number after you bought an egg the other day…and he gave you this look…hehee handling you that boilo with a lot more kachumbari than he normal…and he told you ‘leo kuna offer ya kachumbari‘, then winked, your left thinking that’s awkward but the hell its the Peak season he is also among guys causing a rampage in your life.

That Mr Nice guy you struck a deal with to just be good friends coz he had a good heart though frankly you said that coz you painfully couldn’t find anything attractive about his physique to compliment is now at it again trying his luck. (Why do good guys finish last) *ThinkingOutLoud*oh its not only the locals…it goes international…

The Indians… hitting your inbox on Facebook sending you cute pics of themselves and others some pretty ugly pink heads also want a share of you too. High peaks are those moments you’re literally spoilt for choice and the funny thing is you ain’t feeling like giving your time to either of them and you wish this period would just end so the serenity would return. The pressure from guys who wont take no for an answer and the sad part is where you have to break some hearts by turning them down. For the record, turning a good guy down feels….umhh…I can’t find the word…It’s like a ‘woiye moment’. Got me?

And then that moment in your life ends. And since you asked for it…Wish granted! The dry spell that hits you my friend… Which brings me now to the ‘Dry spell ya machali‘. I think it’s self-explanatory.

You get into your whatsapp to find around 22 messages but 20 are in the many groups you are in some of which you’ve no idea how you got there. One is from your best friend giving you some juicy flesh about her date last night and the last one is from your cousin from the village who sent you this sick methuselah joke you’ve heard over and over again… and you tempted to reply… feeling old with him and 25 others.

The Indians on Facebook have gone MIA… the friend zoned gave up… I mean not a single guy saying hi even the ones you blush off probably because they have a lot of grammatical errors every time they text you…. or their display pics have a not so attractive image which makes you go like I will text them later. This dry spell moment is real… You console yourself thinking it will all end….and the peak will begin’ but it takes the longest time. This time you go through your friend’s status and display pics and you realise a lot of your friends are all lovey-dovey; putting up quotes and posts about love …or pictures of their special ones….

This is where that kaphrase of ‘Your friends are falling in love while you are busy falling asleep comes in perfectly coz truly that’s what it feels like.. Though deep down you know it is your doing. In the end you cant wait for this dry spell to end coz its more like a seasonal cycle you know  the high peak will soon begin.

However, for others, they deeply appreciate this peace and serenity. Especially when singlehood is just beginning to sweetly sink into your skin and you wonder how one can be so much at peace with just living by and for themselves with a zero possibility of someone trying to get you back to Misri again. It might not last though as the peak season is probably just eyeing you from a distance waiting to unleash.

So, you guys thought ladies have it easy huh? hehee think again.*Wink* Though I’d love to know if there is a cycle close to that one for the gents. Am just curious!!

DISCLAIMER: This might not be the case for every other chic out there.




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