Abbas kubaff, STL and others arguably laid foundation for Kenya’s hip-hop industry. 2016 has seen hip-hop hits being dropped like never before. New entrants into the industry some say have revived an industry that was in danger of being declared redundant. So, who takes the mantle as the best rapper in 2016? Is it Rabbit, Octopizzo or Khaligraph?

The list below was compiled based on who is the best when it comes to communicating through rap. Here is your top ten Kenya’s best rappers.

  1. Khaligraph Jones


The former club club bouncer has a unique flow and style when it comes to rapping. His ability to rap in free flowing English has captured many.  He has been rapping for a long time and managed to keep the flow without dropping. it is said Khaligraph has been rapping since the age of 13.

Papa still remains one of the best versatile Kenyan rapper and he has been credited all over Africa for his unique flow of music. He is exceptional when it comes to his songs: Yego, Ting’ Badi Malo, Mazishi and Wanjiru and Akinyi which will leave you on your feet.

To many Kenyans, he remains on top though it has been undisputed for who remains rap god of Kenya.

  1. Shukid


Surprised? Well that’s true.  Shukid is already tipped to become one of the greatest lyricists of the new age African Hip Hop, Shukid is an artist hailing from the western part of Kenya. As part of a new movement of artists from ID37 stable, the self-proclaimed King of East Africa is out to conquer the music world and anything else on his way.

His name is Feisal Khaemba or King Feisal. He has been in this industry for two years and he is making big steps. He has surprised many people with his amazing rap music.  This guy has a special way of producing his videos in an English style an English style. Some of his top videos include As isee it, night life featuring Sydney and don’t doubt featuring Kevin Grands.

  1. Rabbit


King Kaka’s fans believe he is the best but experts rank him after Shukid.  This guy is so poetic and refers to himself as Swahili Shakespeare all because of his lyrical rhythm. He has several albums and over 5 mixtapes under his name.

King Kaka started back as backup rapper with Chiwawa and he mentioned that his first hit single was as an inspiration from his grandfather. Have you listened to his latest song with Kanana (Kafiri??

  1. Octopizzo


The self-proclaimed king of swag aka namba nane. Ok, what does namba nane mean?

His name- Henry Ohanga, is an entrepreneur, top hiphop artist and a youth ambassador. He has over 56 rap video in HD and can give you a freestyle anywhere anytime with perfect rhythm. Octopizzos fans believe he is the top most Kenyan rapper but believe me Octo has been ranked today.

Octo has gained a lot of fame and worldwide recognition with his hard hitting lyrics. He has also shown some good entrepreneurial skills in condom and clothing. He is the founder Yung Gifted and Black (YGB) and some people consider him as Kenyans Dr. Dre. Check out bank Otuch, Utanisho and Butere. Best videos of 2016.

  1. STL


I think the success of Kenyan Hip- Hop depends with your accent and how you spit out your lyrics. If you have listened to Stella Mwangi, our very own female rapper who has given Kenyan rappers sleepless nights with his English based rap style. Her unique way of incorporating her mother tongue has gained her fame across both local and international standards. She can flow well in her Kikuyu accent and come very unique. She is famously know with her Biashara hit track

She recently did a remix with Raj and this video gave them several views on YouTube.

  1. Kristoff


Kenyan hip-hop comes out well when vulgar lyrics are brought out well. One guy who knows how to do this is Mluhya wa Busia. He is earned himself a tittle as the bad boya of local rap because of how perfect he mixes up vulgar with his rap.

His top hit tracks include Gudi Gudi, Pighaa, Niko fiti and Shauri Yao featuring Ulopa and Chiwawa.

  1. Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora  (The Kansoul)


These are some of Kenyan finest talented artists that are ruling the Kenyan rap style. Their rap majorly includes real life stories inspired by them.

This is one trio that so far is doing great. Their latest tracks include: moto wa kuotea mbali, no woman no party, utamu wa life, tunakubali ft Timmy T’ Dat among others.

  1. Abbas kubaff


  • abass


Raised in Kariobangi south Nirobi. He was a member of rap group K-SOUTH  and later as a solo artist.he has done some of his songs with KC his brother and Bamboo one of his best friend. He has also won sevral awards in chaguo la Teeniz awards and golden mic awards. Known for his famous songs chapaa and tokelezea. Some of his latest tracks include: Bamba, party like a moda ft Victoria Kimani and MO Fire.

  1. Majirani


This guy is famously known for the song Hivo ndo kunaendaga. Has a unique voice in rapping and raps purely in Kiswahili. He also composes his lyrics with real life experiences.

Some of his top tracks include: Si Umarry, Tukumbukeko and Makomando.

  1. Young haze


Michael Mwaeba aka young haze is one of local rappers climbing the ladder up high in the hiphop industry. He also incorporates jazz into his songs making him unique.  Young haze has recorded songs such as Kwisha mambo and Chwda.





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